Are your stylists Licensed Cosmologist?

  • Yes, all of our stylists are licensed cosmologist with the state of Maryland. My specialty is hair care and protective styles. 98% of my clientele maintain the natural state of their hair. 

  • How often will I need my hair maintenance?

    • It is recommended to visit us every two weeks

  • How do I book an appointment?

    • Feel free to use our online booking page "Appointments." However, if there is a date of interest and you would like more feedback on flexibility, please send an email to

    • After you receive a confirmed date and time, you have 24 hours to make a deposit on PayPal to secure your appointment date. The balance is payable at the time of your appointment.

  • How and where do I pay my deposit?

    • Deposits are paid via PayPal. It will give us both a receipt of your payment.

      • Log on to

      • click on BUY

      • click friends and family

      • click on make a payment

      • enter the information on the left side of the screen

      • where it says TO enter the following email address:

      • enter 1/2 for the amount

      • click on continue and follow it through

      • be sure to put your appointment date, time

  • If I can't make my appointment is my deposit refundable?

    • All deposits are non-refundable

    • If you pay your deposit and you are unable to make your appointment you must CANCEL within 24 hrs prior to your appointment to reschedule.

    • You will be contacted you to give you a rescheduled date that will work better for you.

    • If you are a no call and/or a no show your deposit is still nonrefundable and a reschedule option is forfeited


How long does my hair have to be to receive hair extensions?

  • Hair should be at least 2 inch long to get hair extensions.

  • What is a SEAMLESS WEAVE™?

    • A SEAMLESS WEAVE is a technique by Monet Crochet, she has trained me (Molly)  the technique, it’s a weave that gives you the flexibly that you desire. With a seamless weave you are not limited to one hair style with a seamless flat surface.

  • Will hair extensions damage my hair?

    • No, our technique does not cause hair damage. Always have you hair extensions removed by a professional. Hair extensions left installed for an extended period of time can cause damage to the hair and new growth. 

  • If my hair is damage can I get hair extensions?

    • We specialize in caring for and styling several hair types and all different kinds of hair damage and disease, we are skilled in camouflaging damage using many different hair WEAVING techniques based on  the client’s needs.

    • The sessions are private so the only one that will see the damage is the person doing your hair extensions.

  • How long does hair weaves last and how long do they take to install?

    • Our hair weaving techniques are proven to last 4 months with the proper care and should not be kept in beyond this time to ensure no damage occurs to the natural hair, depending on length and density of your hair.

    • With the proper maintenance, treatment, and products, your hair will look like new with each maintenance appointment. 

  • How long do Micro links last and how long do they take?

    • I do not recommend micro links be kept in beyond 4 months to ensure no damage to natural hair. This technique takes 3 to 4 hours for a 300 strand installation.

  • How many bundles of hair will I need for a hair weave?

    • Due to our technique that includes very close even invisible weft sewing, we require 3 to 4 bundles at at least 3.5 ounces per bundle for a hair weave


May I bring my kids?

  • As a mom of two I understand the difficulty that may accompany finding childcare while receiving salon service, however for insurance purposes, children are not allowed to come to the salon unless they are being serviced. Thank you for understanding!

  • What do I need to do to prepare my hair for a hair weave service?

    • Come in for a customized consultation by appointment